Monday, January 25, 2010

Neighborhood leaders organized to fight LEDs in residential areas on Thursday

An invitation sent out to the Nashville Neighborhoods Google group:
Nashville’s neighborhoods said "No" to [attempts to allow LED signs in neighborhoods] in June. Over 200 letters and email messages were sent to the Planning Commissioners and 30 people spoke at a public hearing against a bill that would have allowed LED signs in residential neighborhoods. The loud public outcry was heard. The original bill was disapproved.

Now a new bill allowing LED signs to shine in our residential neighborhood is on the table. This is named ESOD Version 1 (One). An alternate bill by the Planning Department bans LED signs from residential neighborhoods. This favored bill is named ESOD Version 2 (Two).

How can we protect our neighborhoods from commercial-type LED signs?
  1. Send email to Planning Commissioners: ( and say you Oppose ESOD Version 1 (One) but Support ESOD Version 2 (Two).
  2. Come to the Public Hearing on Thursday, January 28th at 4 pm and say a few words or sit with the opponents. The hearing will be near the airport in the “Metro Southeast” meeting room. This is near the corner of Murfreesboro and McGavock Pikes (officially at 1417 Murfreesboro Pike) but down between the Genesco building and the Johnston & Murphy (shoe) Store.

Why do we want to support ESOD Version 2 (Two)?
Because it is a fair, sound proposal that will protect the quality of life and property values in residential areas and limit electronic (LED) commercial-type signs to commercial and mixed-use areas.

Neighborhoods volunteers have been working with the Planning Department and Council members since October on the "No LED Signs in Residential Areas" bill. The planning staff listened to the neighborhood concerns and will recommend disapproval of ESOD Version 1 (One) and approval of ESOD Version 2 (Two).

Version 1 will allow LED signs in residential neighborhoods. Disapprove.
Version 2 will allow LED signs only in commercial and industrial areas. Approve.

Only 5 days left to protect our neighborhoods. Send your email now.

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