Wednesday, January 20, 2010

East Nashville leader defends Jamie Hollin's record against the "Chatter Class[less]"

In response to yesterday's SouthComm blog post highlighting the baseless pseudo-journo theories of corporate shill Richard Lawson, Carol McCullough inventories CM Jamie Hollin's contributions in his short time at the helm of District 5:
Jamie has done a tremendous job of doing outreach to neighborhood groups, business groups, churches, non-profits, schools and other organizations in District 5.

1) He held a meeting with neighborhood group leaders and got commitments from neighborhood groups to adopt an elementary school and help meet their needs (particularly mentoring and tutoring needs). This has already resulted in an increase in tutors in our elementary schools.

2) He held a meeting with the faith community in District 5 and got commitments from them to get engaged with the institutions that serve children in our community (including our schools but also early education providers like McNeilly and mentoring organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters)

3) He has met with every elementary school principal (save one that has been difficult to pin down) to learn more about their needs and their schools 4) He held a District 5 meeting on the convention center as well as collaborated with other Council members on an additional meeting. He actually listened to what his constituents had to say and is voting with the majority of those that shared their opinion. You would be surprised how few Council members are approaching the issue that way. He has also been working hard to get the departments that serve Metro to focus on our area.

In particular, he has made great use of the Sheriff's Department to clean up our alleys and streets. He is helping our neighborhood deal with the bureaucratic red tape that is holding the repair of a CSX bridge (promised to us last year by Public Works).

Frankly, the fact that he will answer his phone is already a dramatic improvement over his predecessor. If there is something that you think needs to happen in your corner of the neighborhood, I strongly suggest you contact him. You will see results ....

Richard Lawson is just looking for some controversy to drive hits to his fairly useless, always biased column. Don't feed the troll.


  1. Hi Mike. I always thought I would write you when we actually agreed on something. I may have forgotten to write the only other time that has happened (May Town) and if so I apologize. But by gosh it finally happened again!

    You're right about Richard Locker!

    Perhaps I'll be able to write again in a few months.

  2. Oops. I meant Lawson, not Locker! Richard Locker is an excellent reporter for the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Should never post while tired!

  3. Thank you for posting Carol's comments, which I wholeheartedly agree with. No matter my opinion on the convention center, I respect Jamie's initiative to gather input from his constituents and keep them informed of his vote.

  4. I rarely swing over to this site and see what you've written. But it popped into some news alert. We will see what happens when he runs again. I find it fascinating that you have consistently called my writing biased. Isn't what you write biased? I'd say it is. You can't get past your own bias to actually pay attention to what I write. You never have because of your own bias. In this case, like many others, you expose your own bias by calling others biased because you simply don't like what's written. But I will thank you though because for what you wrote indeed drove hits to my site. So this troll is signing off for now.