Friday, January 15, 2010

Charlie Tygard and Megan Barry end up on the same side of a significant Metro vote again

Last night the council committee clockwork went in motion to approve the Mayor's plan for a new convention center. Only one CM on two committees voted against the largest capital finance plan in Nashville history and it wasn't a progressive CM. It was conservative Michael Craddock expressing popular mood:
This train has left the station. It’s got a full head of steam because the haves in this city want this to happen.
As much as it troubles me to land on the same side of an issue with a conservative CM, even more troubling is the fact that once again on an issue that affects neighborhoods and community quality of life, CM Megan Barry voted with CM Charlie Tygard.

You'll remember that Charlie Tygard once referred to the Courthouse Public Square, built by the previous Mayor, as "a monument to government." Mr. Tygard seems to have a second face when it comes to the Music City Center:
I truly believe that if we don’t build this center, two, three, four, five six years from now, our citizens will be worse off.
CM Tygard hypocrisy has been well-documented here at Enclave and it truly knows no bounds.

However, we've tried to expect more from Megan Barry, who just keeps disappointing us on issue after issue. Her feeble defense of the Mayor's financing plan last night was chocked with mind-numbing jargon:
Is there a risk? Of course....But in my analysis, I conclude that the risk is manageable — not trivial, not minimal, but manageable. I see that as a risk worth taking in order to achieve the economic development outcomes that are realistically in the cards.
Barry claimed to seek a "robust" debate on the matter of Music City Center, but she seems loath to muster a stout argument on the matter herself. It comes across to me as if she's playing it safe by having it both ways.

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