Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neighborhood resists Blade Runner landscape

The Tennessean has the details on a southeast Davidson County community's attempt to defend its quality of life against Vegas-minded sign companies:

A digital billboard proposed for the intersection of Murfreesboro and Bell roads is being met with stern opposition from surrounding neighbors.

The Metro Board of Zoning Appeals recently approved plans permitting Richardson Outdoor Advertising to build a 50-foot-tall digital billboard replacing a standard-sized board.

Residents say there are already enough distractions at the busy intersection, and they fear the flashy billboard will create more. The site, the east side of Bell Road and the north side of Murfreesboro Road, was once home to a standard billboard owned by Lamar Advertising that has since been torn down.

Nearly two dozen people from surrounding neighborhoods showed up at the recent zoning appeals meeting to speak against the billboard.

The proposed billboard is less than 2,000 feet from a similar digital display and would be prohibited under current Metro zoning code.


  1. I am sorry to say, thanks do back-door politics, this sign will be allowed.

    After Karl Dean leaves office, it will be used to advertise Rich Riebeling's floating casino located next to the downtown, minor-league baseball stadium.

    It will likely read:

    "Get RICH at Riebeling's Floating Casino! We're Open Even During Massive Flooding!!!"

  2. Nothing like playing with house money.