Monday, June 06, 2011

Non-profit leader pleads guilty to being in gang and using facility for gang meetings

An East Nashville 501(c)(3)'s leader confessed to criminal activity with a youth gang last week:

A man who publicly fought to keep kids out of gangs admitted in court Tuesday he also did the gang's dirty work behind closed doors.

Lonnie Greenlee pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to being a part of the Bloods gang and even holding Bloods meetings at the headquarters of the gang prevention group Galaxy Star.

Some background from last year:

Galaxy Star officials told New 2 Friday they are shocked by a federal indictment naming one of the group's founding members as part of the Bloods gang.

In the indictment, Lonnie Greenlee and his son, Lonnie Newsome, are accused of using Galaxy Star as a meeting place for illegal gang activity, as well as providing phony documents for other gang members to show proof of court ordered community service hours.

The indictment comes as a big shock to the organization, because Greenlee is the brother of the group's current president, Clemmie Greenlee.

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