Thursday, June 09, 2011

Aristocratic Sarah Lodge Tally sets 100% fidelity to Karl Dean as Jason Holleman's litmus test for re-election

Sarah Lodge Tally, who hails from old Nashville money and from the top of the local pecking order of political patronage, insists to the Nashville Scene that Sylvan Park CM Jason Holleman be focused on absolute dependence on Karl Dean for determining every single one of his votes:

In terms of larger citywide issues, this district is overwhelmingly — like the city in general — supportive of the mayor and his plan for Nashville and what he's done for Nashville in the last four years .... Councilman Holleman has not been supportive of that agenda, particularly with respect to the fairgrounds and the convention center. And folks in this district are generally supportive of the mayor and his plans, so they've been unhappy to know about the lack of support from Councilman Holleman.

That's quite a command for a TNDEM d├ębutante to put on a serious CM who, though independent on a fraction of votes, generally votes with Karl Dean. Scene editor Stephen George reports that CM Holleman voted with Dean a whopping 85% of the time. Hence, to even call him "independent" is charitable and distinguishes just how meaningless the term "independent" has become in the Dean era. In fact, most of the council is abjectly Deanpendent most of the time.

The standard response of the Dean camp is a variation of the same theme they've used for years: the reluctant candidate. The heavy-handed Democratic Party toughs (like Will Pinkston and Dave Goetz) are working to torpedo Holleman while the Mayor can take the high road, posing like he has little knowledge of what's going on in Sylvan Park, like he's not tuned in to Sarah Lodge Tally's scrapes. As if the patricians don't associate. As if the Mayor's Office isn't drooling to control every single council vote for the next 4 years.

Is that really what you want, Sylvan Park? To turn your community into Karl's cotillion? If so, vote for Sarah Lodge Tally and hang some lace curtains. Or just sit back and watch, because this election looks bought-and-paid-for. Either way, I got your Sarah Lodge Tally campaign bumper sticker right here:

UPDATE: The Dean shill blogger and apparatchik Democrat prone to judge most local issues on whether they are good first for his buddies in the Tennessee Democratic Party cannot find fault with Jason Holleman. Further evidence that Holleman is too close to the Dean camp for Sarah Lodge Tally to snipe at his rare disloyalties. Isn't it odd that loyalty has become a cardinal virtue in the power structure of Davidson County Democrats along the same lines of the George W. Bush wing of the GOP? They'll kill off their own, if even slightly uppity, before they go after Republicans.


  1. Coffee, infused with New Nashville Democrat, plus lots of money = Latte Liberal.

    Available in these special flavors:

    Dinkle Dean
    Colby Sludge
    Ronnie Steinlicious
    Rich Reba-Bling

  2. Mike,

    I know this may be painful for you to hear, but Jason Holleman is in fact a Democrat. You seem to be melding all sorts of party structures into one. Are the "Davidson County Democrats" really doing a damn thing to help Sarah Tally? Is the TNDP? No...not really.

    Are individual Democrats who align with Mayor Dean helping Tally? You betcha. Are individuals Democrats who align with Mayor Dean helping Jason Holleman too? You betcha.

  3. I think the Red Army (fairgrounds supporters) should put on their red shirts and go door to door for Jason Holleman in Sylvan Park. Yep, the residents in Sylvan Park would probably love to see some of these folks walking up to their front doors.

  4. I would say that Hizzoner and Richie Rich Riebeling are out for revenge to control the fairgrounds in a few other races too.

    It is obvious that he is after Duane Dominy. I think Marilyn Robinson in Carl Burch's district is a Dean plant to control the fairgrounds vote. A former big wig at NES, her battle cry is economic development. She has no clue what is actually happening in her district.

    Hizzoner comes across as the spoiled rich kid more and more. He is a bully who has no respect for anybody's ideas but his own. There is something in it for him.

    I would love to see campaign finance disclosures for all candidates. The new election commissioner mentioned that, but we see that has not happened. Perhaps Hizzoner has shut that down too so that he can continue to cover up his secret.

  5. Anonymous,

    You hit the nail on the head.

    It's like we're witnessing something that is more akin to military strategy than governing.