Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mutual patronage

Last December pro ethicist and incumbent CM at-Large Megan Barry failed to address the unethical conflict of interest former State Fair Board Chair James Weaver had, given that he was also employed by the company slated to benefit from moving the Fairgrounds flea market to Hickory Hollow Mall. Moreover, CM Barry co-sponsored the unsuccessful bill to authorize the Hickory Hollow lease for the flea market.

Last February, James Weaver donated $250 to the campaign to re-elect Megan Barry.


  1. That's elitist, Latte Liberal behavior for you.

  2. For you voters in District 18, please pay attention to our candidates for Metro Council. They will likely fall into the Dean camp. If you are tired of Dean's political bullshit, the two candidates for District 18 are lapping it up. Megan Barry, who increasingly reminds me of Sarah Palin, supports David Glascow. His opponent, is of the Michele Bachman variety. She may not have Barry's support, but is gunning to be in Dean's hip pocket. Let these candidates know your thoughts. Barry and Dean will use them to achieve their goal of getting rid of the flea market and fairgrounds. They will also use them to pursue other components of their elitist agenda. Barry is out of touch, and knowingly. Do you really want these folks making decisions for us? Think about it.

  3. I received a letter from George Barrett's office today, regarding a post on Enclave. It was on behalf of his client, Colby Sledge. I will keep Enclave readers up to date.