Friday, December 02, 2011

Enclave to donate blog ad revenues to Cumberland River Compact

I have a long-standing practice at Enclave of donating any Google Ad revenue checks I receive to worthwhile local non-profits, particularly those in North Nashville who give so much back to the community. You can click on the "Donations" tag below to cull posts on past donations. You make those donations possible by clicking on ads.

Having recently received a check from Google for my blog ads, I have decided to donate those funds, $100, to the Cumberland River Compact. The Cumberland River forms one of our community boundaries here in the North End. The stormwater that our yards don't retain runs directly into the Cumberland's watershed. The Compact is a non-profit that works with all interested organizations and individuals "to help ensure that our rivers and streams continue to provide us with clean water, bountiful crops, healthy fisheries and abundant recreational opportunities." Since our lives here are connected to the river, CRC expresses worthy goals that deserve our support.

Mud and gravel from construction run-off choking streets
about 7 blocks from the Cumberland River (Salemtown)
And they no doubt can give back to our community. The North End continues to experience a robust clip of construction projects. Some builders need to be reminded of CRC's point that the main pollutant of our Cumberland River is silt and dirt from our properties. We have responsible developers who effectively manage their stormwater run-off, but we have some who do not.

Having an organization so interested in our watershed that they can be partners with us in making sure that the water that flows out of our neighborhoods and into our river is as clean as it can possibly be is an underestimated benefit. Builders can help with inexpensive preventative measures ("smart growth") and neighbors can help by installing simple rain gardens that retain and filter water. The Cumberland River Compact facilitates both. Just last week I started installing a new rain garden in our backyard myself to manage our run-off.

So, I am pleased to supplement my yard work with this donation to this worthwhile non-profit. The check will go in the mail tomorrow. Thanks to Enclave readers who clicked on ads and made this donation possible. I hope that you will consider donating to CRC as you are able. Even if you are not able to donate, they are available to advise you on measures to conserve run-off and preserve our watershed.

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