Thursday, December 01, 2011

The high price of influence and re-election

The Crane Watchdog on the Mayor's re-election haul:

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has filed the final reports covering his recent reelection campaign, and our Dean Campaign Finance page has been updated. Dean's top 10 contributors remain unchanged, with Nashville law firm Bass Berry & Sims his top all-time donor (as a contributor itself and as the employer of contributors). Bass Berry & Sims acted as bond counsel for the $624 million public financing of the Music City Center.

Recent significant contributors to Dean include Auto Zone, Nashville real estate company Southeast Venture, and several country music industry figures. Three members of the Music City Convention Center Authority – Marty Dickens, Ken Levitan and Luke Simons – gave money to Karl Dean in the latter stages of the campaign.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny that Vanderbilt gave Dean money.

    It's also funny that Rich Riebeling is on the board of WPLN (Even though WPLN is a local news agency...conflict of interest?).

    It's funny to hear classical music on WRVU 91.1. (Actually, it's sort of sickening).

    It's funny that so many Nashville elites and board-members of Vanderbilt and WPLN are quite cozy.

    It's funny that a handful of these elites worked together to steal the 91 ROCK frequency from the citizens of Nashville.

    It's funny that McNeely, Piggott and Fox helped Vanderbilt and Chris Carroll(Vanderbilt Student Communications spin-meister) squash all news of this via a strategy of lies and bullshit.

    Just how many people run this town?

    I'd say about eleven.