Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fehr School update

I received an email from CM Erica Gilmore this morning that her sponsored legislation to rezone Salemtown's historic Fehr School building to preserve it from demolition or drastic exterior alteration is now in the pipeline and moving toward council consideration. First, it has to go to the Metro Historical Zoning Commission before the last Planning Commission meeting in February. Then it has to be approved by the Planning Commission before going before the council for three votes.

Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association raised about $670 to pay for the planning costs of publicizing the proposal and advertising public hearings. We also have a petition just in case we need one. It has been personally gratifying for me to see the community rally around this project.

Getting this legislation passed all commissions and council will be a real boon to our community's sense of history and our quality of life.

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