Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inconvenient authority member got the hook

SouthComm a few weeks ago on Sports Authority deliberations about LP Field upgrades:

The renovations — first proposed in October — will be funded through bonds backed by the $2 seat-user fee. The Titans have asked that the Metro Council add another dollar to that charge as well.

"In working diligently … we can get the best deal we can get. We commit to get the best deal for this building we possibly can. We will stay within this budget and get it done. We have always tried to do things … the right way without spending too much money," Titans Vice President Don MacLachlan said.

Nevertheless, authority member Rusty Lawrence pressed MacLachlan on whether the team would come out of pocket to pay for any overruns.

"There won't be a cost overrun. … We'll come underneath. Trust me," MacLachlan said. Later, Titans CFO Jeneen Kaufman said the team would come back to the authority in the event the project is over budget.

SouthComm today on said authority member:

It appears outspoken Nashville Sports Authority member Rusty Lawrence has not been re-appointed to the authority.

UPDATE: SouthComm walks the story back with comment about nebulous mayoral intentions:

Mayor's office doesn't have an announcement on whether Rusty Lawrence will be reappointed to the sports authority. His term ended Dec. 19.

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  1. The Sports "Authority" is nothing but an extension of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. These guys all share the same bed. No pun intended.