Monday, December 12, 2011

Those who commemorate Sulphur Dell do not advocate building a new one

When City Paper reporter Joey Garrison interviewed me for this story, I told him that it was strange to me that the Mayor reportedly favored building a new ballpark at the historic Sulphur Dell stadium site, and yet, the community of fans, players, and aficionados associated with the ten-year-old Sulphur Dell nostalgia group remained largely silent on the concept.

The group founded to promote a new Sulphur Dell ballpark did not seem to have connections to old Sulphur Dell fans. "Friends of Sulphur Dell" seemed to operate on its own (unless you count a reported connection to the Nashville Civic Design Center) while the commemorative Sulphur Dell group chugs along reminding us of our history in North Nashville.

So, I was not surprised to read in today's Tennessean that a number of Sulphur Dell old timers do not support a new Sulphur Dell ballpark.

I still find it curious that the Mayor's Office expressed early support for Sulphur Dell when there was relatively shallow community support for it; unless, it was negotiating misdirection intended to take attention off the thermal site or off the rising expense of moving PSC metals off the East Bank. In those cases I get it.

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