Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Best Places to Eat Breakfast or Brunch around the North End

Here are my favorites (with apologies to the vegetarians):
  1. Muddea's (MetroCenter/Clarksville Pike) -- fried chicken and waffles! They also serve other breakfast fare like eggs and biscuits. Both the waffles and the biscuits are some of the best I've had in Nashville: crusty and ever-so-slightly sweetened (and I gobble them up even though I don't have a sweet tooth; it is a good example of "less is more"). They pipe in jazz to breakfast by. Very diverse crowds.
  2. Germantown Cafe (5th and Madison; Sunday brunch only) -- shrimp and grits! The frittatas and the french toast are the ones I usually angle for. Your late morning Reuben fix can be realized here. And you cannot beat the view of Downtown. Whenever we go, we usually look like sweat-shirted slobs compared to bulk of patrons who seem to view the Cafe as demanding more dressy than drab style.
  3. Monells (6th Avenue) -- family style! They pile so much brunch food of different varieties in front of you that I really can go no more than 2 or 3 times a year. You want to carbo-load before the Music City Marathon? This is the place to do so. It is carbohydrate heaven. The atmosphere here is the best of the three: you are seated inside a historic and kitschy Victorian Germantown house.


  1. I ate at the cafe yesterday (in jeans). I enjoy their simply, yet delicious, menu.

    I haven't visited Muddea's, but it's on the list.

    I'd love to see a Marche-type place on this side of the river, but I guess East Nashville isn't too far at all...

  2. How could you possibly rate anywhere better than Monell's? Best restaurant in Nashville as far as I'm concerned...