Thursday, January 10, 2008

Neighborhood's Battle of Rose Park Continues

The Nashville City Paper's Christine Buttorff reports this morning on the ongoing war between Organized Neighbors of Edgehill, on the one hand, and Belmont University/Metro Parks, on the other, is once again being waged in court. The Edgehill neighborhood association has filed construction stoppage documents today in an attempt to bar any Belmont upgrades to Rose Park until the dispute is settled (background details after the jump).

ONE is also asking the court to overturn decisions made by Metro agencies (Parks, Zoning Appeals, etc.) to approve Belmont's lease and to judge against Metro Government and Metro Council approval. During the spirited Council debate last August, one CM called the lease "prostituting" parks to the highest bidder. The suit alleges that Metro Parks violated opponents due-process and free speech rights, reports Buttorff.

The court has sided with Parks and Belmont and against neighborhood petitioners previously when the case was before the Board of Zoning Appeals.


  1. I thought this was already settled.

  2. Thank goodness you are wrong!