Thursday, September 06, 2007

Parks Board Accepts Council's Amended Rose Park Bill

The compromises concerning Belmont's leasing of Rose Park in the Edgehill neighborhood, brokered by Metro Council Member Ginger Pepper and passed by Council 2 weeks ago were approved by the Parks Board today. That removes the last hurdle to Belmont building athletic facilities for their teams to use in Rose Park. The compromise bill reportedly divided the opposition, with some Edgehill leaders trying to encourage others who remained steadfastly opposed to accept the compromise, which included Belmont scholarships, Belmont paying an annual fee and Parks committing not to cut Rose Park's budget in lieu of the fee, neighborhood and public school activities taking scheduling priority over Belmont's, and a commitment to impliment recommended traffic control measures.

While I am no fan of allowing universities to take over neighborhood centers given that it gives them a toe-hold for further future gulp-ups of neighborhoods, this seems to be the best deal that Edgehill residents could get, given their limited options with former Council Member Ludye Wallace and the Parks Department leading this charge. It is not a perfect solution, but at least there are limits to what Belmont can do; and the university and Parks can be held accountable, which I hope Edgehill's new Council Member, Erica Gilmore, will do.

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