Thursday, April 06, 2006

1.6-Acre 35-Townhouse Mixed-Use Development in Germantown Considered

Via Megan Moriarty at the Tennessean.


  1. they didn't bring up the fact that the developers are wanting to build these townhouses and clubhouse as part of a gated community. My buds in G-town are not exactly bubbling over at the idea of a gated community in their backyard.

  2. I am all for new development, but they need to respect the vision of the neighborhood. A gated community is offensive in my opinion. Did it ever occur to these developers why people are drawn to this area? The concept is commnunity, in the "whole" community. If we start gating things off, our uniqeness will go right out the window. I hate how developers entice suburbanites to urban development with phrases like "gated community". If people are too uncomfortable or scared to live in the North End (which by the way, not scary at all) than they don't belong here.
    Like I have said before, I would really like to see this neighborhood go further, but if that means sacrificing the integrity of our community, I'd rather it never grow.