Sunday, April 09, 2006

First He Wanted To Save The World From Terrorism. Then He Wanted To Save Iraq from Itself. Now He Wants A Brave, New Legacy ...

George W. Bush has not been able to make the world safer from terrorism, and Iraq has degenerated into Civil War with a high casualty rate to our armed forces, so now he wants to save Iran by nuking Iran. When is the American public (especially the 50% who didn't vote in 2004) going to get fed up enough with this president to have him ridden out on a rail?


  1. Moving back to Europe is or possibly trying out Canada is sounding better and better by the day.

    This administration lives in a bubble of unreality the likes the world has never seen. I had no idea the narcissistic personally of a single person could so thoroughly mislead an entire country. It’s scary.


  3. I like GW. If you don't, try moving to Russia or Cuba.