Saturday, April 29, 2006

What Are The Odds?

I set out this morning to take some general photos of the Country Music Marathon as it passed through the North End, without any intention whatsoever of shooting specific runners. I was just trying to get runners in the shots; any runners. However, while editing the photos I took this morning I discovered that I took two pictures, 66 minutes apart with the same two purple clad runners, first going north on 8th to Metro Center, and second coming back down 8th from Metro Center toward Bicentennial Mall. It was sheer random chance that they are at the center of both pictures. I didn't even realize during the second shot that I was taking their picture again. If those teammates recognize themselves in the pictures below, they will know that their Metro Center interval to and from the North End was a little over an hour. I have no idea how competitive or self-gratifying that time is.

Going north.

Going south.

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