Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fairgrounds charitable event raises almost $500,000 for VUMC, faces an uncertain future with Karl Dean's Fairgrounds plan

Each year for the last 50 the women of Christmas Village raise beaucoup money at the Fairgrounds for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and other charities. This year they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars despite the buzz generated by the Mayor's Office that their facility was being closed and sold off to private developers:

When they met with Hizzoner to discuss their concerns several weeks ago, he acted like a boorish Grinch toward them. Undeterred, they raised an impressive amount of aid regardless.

How much did Karl Dean's lack of support cost them in donations? Given that they have just one more year at the Fairgrounds if the Mayor's latest sell-off plan passes, what will be the impact on future donations?

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