Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If this is the Tennessee Democratic Party's new champion our electoral future is a real drag

The less regulation we do of businesses, the better.

We've been slogging our way through a recession for the last 3 years due in large part to unfettered corporate irresponsibility. We have a Mayor who wants voters to give him credit for leading Nashville through that slog. Yet, Karl Dean seems intent on defying logic, common sense, and scruples in order to reduce progressivism to economic expansion without protective reforms.

It's the best imitation of GOP I've seen since Phil Bredesen. My question for Democrats: if you're going to vote for Republican-lite, why not just go authentic GOP?


  1. I was never entirely sure that Karl Dean IS a Democrat. What makes you think he is? The Mayor's race is non-partisan.

  2. Southern Beale:

    Background here re: Tennessean's declaration of Dean winner and presumptive leader among TN Dems after August 2010: