Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fairgrounds redevelopment plan exaggerated for the purpose of effect?

Richard Lawson, blogging at Nashville Chatter Class, passes on some realism about the Fairgrounds' privatized potential that he learned from insider sources:

[T]here’s downright skepticism [in the real estate community] that 1 million square feet of mixed-use space could be developed on the site to attract or create 6,500 jobs, or that the site is a good location for Class-A office space. Generally, the view is that the possibility of 1 million square feet is outlandish, but equally outlandish as the $60-million economic impact claim of the fairgrounds being touted by opponents to redeveloping the site.

“When pigs fly, this development will create 6,500 new jobs in Davidson County,” one real estate industry insider said. “The density of occupancy/development will be closer to 700,000 square feet and 3,000 jobs with no guarantee any of the jobs are new to Davidson County.”

Jump to Richard's article for more interesting alternative perspectives not being reported by a news media that seems too dependent on political PR.

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