Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jones Paideia Magnet to hold open enrollment for Kindergarteners

At last night's Jones Paideia PTO meeting, the PTO President announced that because the magnet school did not receive enough applications for the Kindergarten class, empty spaces would be filled through open enrollment.

It occurs to me that the lower demand for this magnet school might make a concept for a new magnet school proposed last summer by the Nashville Civic Design Center (to be situated a few blocks away on Jefferson Street) obsolete.

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  1. Anyone who wanted to go there already took the time to apply, but it is nice to have a second try to go out-of-zone. I commend MNPS for offering this, though I don't know its utility or usage.

    Here is the list of other schools that have space:

    Note that Haynes Paideia is on there, too. That school won't fill up anytime soon if Jones isn't at capacity. The other elementary Paideia school feeds to West End.

    I agree with your assessment re: another magnet. Metro's grab-bag approach to thematic schools is distracting. Would that they concentrate on making each local, zoned school the best it can be.