Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planning staff recommends approval of 6th & Garfield development, calls location "West Nashville"

Posted below are images of the Planning staff's report on the proposed 6th & Garfield rezoning. Note that they approve the request based on the community plan, but they seem to confuse the North Nashville community with West Nashville. Let's hope it's just a clerical error and they have not actually drawn conclusion based on the West Nashville Community Plan.

Still not sure whether I will speak for or against this rezoning request at Thursday's public hearing before the Planning Commission. While the developer seemed open and honest in the one community meeting held on this project; he also seemed unclear as to what the development would look like. The raggedy condition of the vacant lot the past few years suggests to me that the absentee property owner could care less about the quality of life in Salemtown. So, I am definitely torn on this proposal, without firm assurances from the development team.

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