Friday, March 09, 2012

Council members who voted for the kids and those who voted against them

There are several ways to look at Tuesday's council vote (the 2nd of 3) to advance Duane Dominy's plan to rezone a South Nashville community to accommodate a new asphalt plant. One is the view that we need to give the council a chance to hunker down in their committees and study this before they vote for it on third reading. That is the standard saw on controversial issues.

Another way to look at Tuesday's vote is from a community-based health perspective, particularly with regard to children's greater susceptibility to health risks given the poisons emitted from the asphalt production process:  hydrogen sulfide, benzene, chromium, formaldehyde, cadmium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and arsenic. So, how did council members vote on the matter of public health, community safety and prevention of habitat poisoning?

Support exposing local kids to asphalt toxins

Duane Dominy (bill sponsor)
Robert Duvall (bill sponsor)
Tim Garrett
Charlie Tygard
Brady Banks (former director of the Office of Neighborhoods!)
Scott Davis
Karen Bennett
Bill Pridemore
Doug Pardue
Darren Jernigan
Steve Glover
Josh Stites
Bruce Stanley
Phil Claiborne (already voted on Planning Commission to recommend)
Tony Tenpenny
Buddy Baker
Sheri Weiner
Emily Evans
Jason Holleman
Sean McGuire
Chris Harmon
Carter Todd

Oppose exposing local kids to asphalt toxins

Ronnie Steine
Jerry Maynard (spoke out forcefully against 3rd asphalt plant)
Lonnell Matthews
Frank Harrison
Walter Hunt
Peter Westerholm
Anthony Davis (spoke out forcefully against 3rd asphalt plant)
Sandra Moore
Burkley Allen
Erica Gilmore
Davette Blalock
Jason Potts
Fabian Bedne
Jacobia Dowell
Bo Mitchell (asked council to hold a 2nd public hearing)

Wishy-washy about exposing local kids to asphalt toxins

Karen Johnson (abstained from vote)

If you see your CM on the "support" list, you may want to contact them and ask them if they would want their own children or grandchildren exposed to chromium or arsenic or why working class neighborhoods shoulder the burden of Nashville's toxic industries while wealthier communities enjoy a bye from participating in chemical roulette.

UPDATE: A commenter refers us to a Facebook page started by the opponents of Duane Dominy's rezoning bill. Jump.


  1. Thank you for this article. We are working hard to protect our neighbors from the toxicity of this asphalt plant. Nashvillians Against the Asphalt Plant on Facebook is a good resource about this issue and to be in touch with our team of neighbors helping neighbors.

  2. I fail to understand why Nashville needs the third largest council in the country - they could still support poisoning children and killing trees and Mill Creek with half of the current membership. Somebody PLEASE monitor Dominy's political contributions from Hickory MC Investments once he gets the zoning approved. This is about NOTHING but lining council member's pockets now and down the road. I also love how members from across TOWN think it's a wonderful idea to put yet another asphalt plant in this part of Nashville. Carter Todd - how about one in Forest Hills, huh? Phil Claiborne - don't you want one in Donelson? Hope the Honorable Dominy can sleep nights knowing he brought more pestilence and toxins to his constituents - although he may himself be the worst toxin of all.