Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Evangelical media source: more accusers coming forward against Bishop Walker

The Christian Post (a self-described "pan-denominational" Christian news source) has more ill news of Mt. Zion Baptist Church's Bishop Joseph Walker III:

Connie Allison, Batson's attorney, suggested Monday to The Christian Post that "more and more [women] are emerging" with similar accusations.

While refusing to reveal any information about the identities of the women listed as "Jane Does," Allison emphasized that the women are scared of possible retaliation should their identities become known. Allison referred to Batson as "the bravest human I've ever met." Allison, who is herself Catholic, said her client has unbelievable "spiritual inner strength" that is "breathtaking." The three women who provided supporting testimonies for Bates' lawsuit are Episcopalian Christians, Allison revealed.

One of the women is a single mother in her 30s, a court employee in Davidson County told CP last week. Another one is a married woman, also in her 30s.

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