Thursday, March 15, 2012

From tonight's community meeting: developers present elevation sketches for 6th and Garfield

Mountains? The north face of the development seen from the northwest

It was a sparsely attended meeting this evening at Morgan Park Community Center due to the rain, Vanderbilt basketball on TV, and limited communication, but a handful of Salemtown Neighbors looked at developer drawings and discussed questions they had about a proposed 6th and Garfield row house development. Topics covered included the garbage truck access/location of trash carts, the placement of garages, and the installation of pervious concrete to meet stormwater standards in the parking areas. Developers noted that they made an effort to include brick and masonry in the facade after receiving a request at our previous community meeting. Those in attendance were generally fine with the plan as presented.

The style is not my cup of tea, but given where we are as a neighborhood and the general design of row houses, I'm realistic in my expectations. I also believe that the density is consistent with the North Nashville Community Plan. The proposal now goes to Metro Council for approval, including a public hearing, which it should sail through without comment.

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  1. I don't live in Salemtown, but that rendering is disappointing. I understand context and the "traditional" design, but this could have been something slightly more adventurous in an urban neighborhood. I had expected for something more like the townhomes at Morgan Park Place.