Thursday, March 01, 2012

Subject of 12South development may be raised during CM Sandra Moore's community meeting on Saturday morning

CM Sandra Moore
According to an email sent to the 12South elist, Council Member Sandra Moore is sponsoring a community meeting the day after tomorrow at the West Police Precinct to discuss crime issues, school questions, public works, parks, and planning. Reportedly, CM Moore gave no indication that the controversial development on the 2300 block of 12 Av. S. is on the agenda for discussion even though the affected neighbors were promised a  large community meeting back in January and construction is scheduled to begin next month.

Moreover, developers unexpectedly compressed the timeline for small businesses to make way for demolition and so the window of opportunity for those who have issues with the development appears to be closing.

Nonetheless, opponents of the plan who last week published a signed letter are girding their loins for CM Moore's meeting. They plan to raise questions about increased auto traffic, preserving pedestrian-friendly streets, available parking, building scaled too large for the character of the community, the re-dedication of the Waverly Belmont School, the risks to diversity posed by gentrification, and principles of conservation.

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