Friday, March 02, 2012

Mayor Dean says the new convention center could get Nashville a Super Bowl

Mayor Karl Dean with the head scratcher during a local radio show:

When you stop and think what we got in Nashville with the convention center, with the Omni coming on line and then you add Gaylord into that too ... we could handle almost any sort of event; and we could handle a Super Bowl .... We could easily handle the Super Bowl.

Cities that "can handle" the Super Bowl get the Super Bowl. I remember reading that Nashville might crack the top 30 of convention cities with the Music City Center (up from 33rd). How is it the deal maker beyond conventions? If such a huge wavy behemoth does not even catapult us to the upper crust of convention cities after it is built, how could it leverage a Super Bowl at LP Field?

Source: Zack Bennett


  1. The Super Bowl seems unlikely simply due to the seating capacity at LP Field. I think we are 18,000 shy of the minimum requirement. It is just like the NCAA Men's Final Four. We cannot get that event at Bridgestone because we are 14,000 seat short of their minimum requirement.

  2. Grant is right, plus the NFL only does the SB in cities with warm weather or domes (one notable exception: NYC is getting it next year).