Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ethics vs public relations: tweets Registered

A series of reporters' tweets from earlier this afternoon that makes me wonder what the Metro Nashville Public Schools Director prefers in leadership. He is more of an ad man or an ethics man?


  1. Register seems to be working in tandem with Mayor Dean and the Republicans in state government who are working to destroy public education. He answers only to the school board and they are not much to answer to.

    The school board is nothing more than a group of folks who wanted to dip their feet into the political waters and knew this would be any easy in as many ran unopposed.

    These folks know only superficially what actually happens in Metro Schools and could not survive working there. If they actually had a clue they would not have allowed Dr. Register to privatize the custodians. They have cut hours, pay, and their insurance now has a $5000 deductible. This is not realistic for folks being paid minimum wage.

    The lack of discipline in the schools is frightening. The new idea to pay starting teachers $40,000 will attract new teachers, but most will not stay more than 5 years. The state legislative branch is working on bills that would allow anyone to teach, even if you did not have a degree or a teaching license. They are also working on a bill that would not grant tenure to those making what they call average to competent scores.

    It takes a while to learn the art of teaching, and you don't have it after a few years. Why would we think of paying folks who don't yet know what they are doing so much money, while totally ignoring teachers who are masters at their craft? i would not want a lawyer or a doctor with these credentials.

    As a citizen, I could not support a property tax increase for this crazy idea. Our board needs people on it with some experience, respect for the profession, and backbone enough to hold parents responsible and say no to Register.

  2. Pleas please please do some digging on Great Hearts charter schools and share what you come up with.