Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Expanding and Ambitious Party?

An optimistic view of the tie in Dem delegates:
[W]e have two races moving in very different directions: One is additive, as Obama builds a new coalition step by step and Clinton tries to bolster and add to the traditional Democratic base (for example, she added support among Asian Americans in California to overcome the fact that Obama won both whites and blacks), which together lead to an expanding and ambitious party; the other subtractive, as it loses faith in one putative front-runner after another, shrinking in enthusiasm and confidence, along with votes.
I'd like to so believe, but I expect Dems to once again rip their chances to shreds. They cannot stand prosperity.

CNN reported this afternoon that 14.4 million Democrats voted, which is a tribute not solely to Obama or to Clinton but to the voters who are motivated to rise from the toilet that the Bush Administration has flushed our nation down.

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