Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Oh, Yeah? I Like Texas Beer"

A dispatch from the land of Ray Wylie Hubbard says that you might consider betting on Barack Obama to win:

Joe Trippi on Face the Nation this morning posited that Texas could well be the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The former John Edwards and Howard Dean adviser noted Texas’ peculiar primary system that includes both a primary and a caucus. The Obama campaign has had a lot of luck with caucuses, which often measure enthusiasm. Trippi noted that Obama is sending in its successful Iowa team to Texas to organize. The campaign plans to open 10 offices around the state and is already buying up as much television time as possible. If the Obama people can run the table in the late-night post-voting caucuses and do well in the major cities there is a chance for a surprise upset.

This is not lost on the Clinton campaign. Much has been made of the Clinton strategy to make Texas a fire wall. Hillary is already starting to devote considerable time to Texas, particularly along the border, where she is expected to do well.

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