Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Salemtown Neighbors Approves Petition on Bicentennial Mall Security

Salemtown Neighborhoods unanimously have approved a petition this week requesting Tennessee officials to secure Bicentennial Mall State Park overnight. The text of the petition draft as approved reads thusly:

We are a group of Nashville residents living near the Bicentennial Mall. We are writing now in the face of a series of unsatisfactory responses to individuals who have spoken up about the lack of attention to public safety in this state park after a terrible rape occurred there in late 2007. Months have gone by, and our impression is that our elected and appointed officials think that this crime and the community response to it have passed and no longer need attention.

The issue of public safety at the Bicentennial Mall is a matter of concern to all Nashvillians. This is a uniquely urban park. As true neighbors, however, these issues are of special concern to us.

We strongly encourage you to consider adopting one of the following solutions or proposing something creative and ambitious that is not listed here to improve public safety in and around this unique public space:

  • overnight state park patrols
  • shared jurisdiction that would partner state and municipal resources for patrolling the park
  • strategically placed emergency kiosks

At the very least, the signage for the park should be corrected to reflect accurate information.

None of our suggestions require extravagant outlays of public funds, and each would improve the quality of life for Nashville’s urban residents.

Our signatures represent the voices of a group that will continue to express concern about this issue until it is adequately addressed.

Thank you for your public service. We look forward to a response.

Besides the rape of a Germantown resident in September 2007, a Salemtown resident reports being the victim of indecent exposure just this week. The association also intends to get the support of other North Nashville neighborhood associations on this petition.

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