Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here's A Bright Idea for Today's Feeble Housing Market: Let's Just Sprawl Our Brains Out!

Developers and some local Chamber of Commerce types want to pave Nashville's only urban farmland and to black-top and scale-up the huge patch of green space in Bell's Bend. They've got Cool Springs and government subsidies on their mind: they want tax dollars to fund a new bridge across the Cumberland to help them increase density. A Bell's Bend resident group wants to keep their patch low-density, remote, agricultural and recreational.

Is it too much to ask that developers leave one large patch of green space in the city? With the lower demand in the Downtown condo market, should taxpayers be helping finance new dense commercial and residential development close to Downtown? And I have got to tell you: I think that with all of the crumbling bridges around and about, tax money should not be spent on new bridges until the older ones get fixed.

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  1. so, the money holders want to develop another area so we'll have more houses? Stores? Resturaunts? and office space? I'd like to know how much those folks were paid for their property? A history and culture to be paved over and forgotten for a FEW folks monetary gain. Hmmmm! Enough!