Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tennessee's Turn to Be Let Down by the Bush Administration

George W. Bush's version of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is now disappointing tornado-ravaged Tennesseans like it did New Orleaneans after Katrina. Macon County's homeless tornado survivors are being told that they will have to wait at least a month, probably two, for trailers while FEMA tests them for formaldehyde levels, after dangerously high levels were found in Katrina victims' trailers. FEMA's circus of errors in New Orleans since 2005 has a big tent containing many well-documented fiascos. So, Tennesseans shouldn't be surprised when President Bush pays his little visit here and leaves clumsy emergency management in his wake. But product safety doesn't mean too much in the Bush Administration, else why would they not have tested these trailers rigorously before buying them?

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