Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Hyper-Local Blog in Sylvan Park Designed to Obtain Metro Support for Balanced Neighborhood Growth

"Charlotte Avenue is Shaping Up" is a new hyper-local blog that describes itself as "a community based, grass-roots effort for a revitalized district along Charlotte Avenue." It seems to have grown out the Metro Council debate over whether to permit the sale of the historic Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ building to the big box Rite Aid chain. Check it out after the jump.


  1. MIke-

    read your blog quite frequently - thanks for the props on the new blog.


  2. It is not a neighborhood against the "congregation" is 12 people(or best friends) JH and MH, CV, RR, JS. 3000 homes,200 who vote regularly in District 24, and 12 who are making loudest noise of 'not in my backyard'. wow. YOU could be next. Ownership = nothing.