Monday, February 25, 2008

CRIME ALERT: Indecent Exposure Today at Bicentennial Mall

A resident of Salemtown who uses the Bicentennial Mall State Park regularly during "open hours" was the victim of indecent exposure near the carillon by a man who she said exposed himself to her and started masturbating. The incident happened at around 3:30, and it ended when the suspect saw a Metro Police car coming toward the carillon down Jefferson Street. He ran into the Farmers' Market and disappeared. The victim reported that no State Park Rangers were around at the time.

So much for the theory that Bicentennial Mall is safe from sex-related crimes during the day. Do you think that if there had been a call box near the victim, then she might have been able to rustle up a Ranger to apprehend the perp? Or what about a security camera? Might he be in custody right now if his face had been caught on video?


  1. Hey! It's almost as if you're suggesting that Bicentennial Mall needs some sort of, I don't know, policing . Crazy idea.

  2. at least he wasn't panhandling.