Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rosa L. Parks Boulevard/Avenue Bill Passes Second Reading

At tonight's Council Meeting Erica Gilmore's bill to change the name of 8th Avenue running from Church Street to Charlotte Avenue to "Rosa L. Parks Boulevard" passed with an amendment changing the new proposed name to "Rosa L. Parks Avenue" so that two parallel streets with the same name would not confuse first responders. Charlie Tygard rose to request a letter from the American Legion on 8th Avenue, North complaining that a name change would cause them to have to re-stock all of their recently-received stationary with the new address.

I've said before that re-naming a street in honor of a civil rights hero is laudable; not preparing property owners along the street well-ahead of time in order to minimize the logistical setbacks is not.


  1. I'm confused. The signs along this stretch had already been changed some time ago.

  2. The sign at Charlotte & 8th has been changed?