Saturday, February 02, 2008

Like It Needs a Hole in the Head

Kay Brooks is at it again: arguing for the imposition of private sector models of control over public schools.

This time she says that Metro Nashville Public Schools needs a CEO. Yeah, right. And then at the end of his or her tenure, the MNPS CEO can do what this CEO did: pocket "a lavish severance package" and leave the stockholders little return on their investment. I don't know why conservatives continue to make these romantic appeals when the skies are full of obscene CEO golden parachutes that are not good for companies or their stockholders.


  1. Rather than complain -- what would you recommend? MNPS gets $600,000,000 yes $600 million plus of tax payer dollars. That is a good size company in my books. How would you recommend it be run? What type of board would it have? Who would the CEO and board be accountable too? How would they be ousted, etc...

  2. I agree with you Mike. We've had a puppet Director for 6 years who has been run by Nashville CEO's and the Chamber. How about a real educator with proven leadership skills? As someone pointed out, we could have had Carol Johnson but the boys didn't want her so in 4 years she pulled Memphis off the state's target list and Pedro Garcia and Sandy Johnson moved us on.