Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Observation of the Night on Super Tuesday

It's the Brits:
The picture that's beginning to emerge of Hillary's supporters is that they are stealthy - but deadly. It is Obama's supporters I meet most often online, Obama's supporters who are seemingly the most vociferous, the most exuberant, the most contentedly swept up, thrilled, and exhilarated by being part of a young political movement. If I depended merely on my own experience in the blogosphere and among friends, I would have expected Obama to sweep Hillary in most of the states she's won ....

But that is not what has happened. Quietly but certainly, Hillary's supporters have given her solid wins in six states so far, even as Obama is winning among every age demographic up to age 50.
And as this campaign goes on toward the convention, the game seems like it is going to shift away from Obama's strength, community organizing and GOTV, and toward the super-delegates, ruled by the Party establishment, not by the grassroots.

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