Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alaska's Mayors Uninspired by Sarah Palin

She may understand what it was like to be Mayor, but she doesn't seem responsive to or support of the "actual responsibilities" of Alaska's Mayors:
Mayors across the state, from the larger cities to tiny municipalities along the southeastern fiords, are even more frustrated. Often, their letters go unanswered and their pleas ignored, records and interviews show.

At an Alaska Municipal League gathering in Juneau in January, mayors across the political spectrum swapped stories of the governor’s remoteness. How many of you, someone asked, have tried to meet with her? Every hand went up, recalled Mayor Fred Shields of Haines Borough. And how many met with her? Just a few hands rose. Ms. Palin soon walked in, delivered a few remarks and left for an anti-abortion rally.
Sounds like she got her priorities set right where a state executive can be most effective: on a social issue that is largely controlled by a Supreme Court decision having nothing to do with the governance of Alaska.

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