Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Waste of Space

Southcomm's Nate Rau writes what is basically a reprise of the adventures of Eric "English Only" Crafton, allowing him to end the story by blaming someone else for the cost of his special election, without failing to turn the question around on him and ask him about his responsibility for the extra Metro expenses. Do the whiz kids at the City Paper think that people are sitting on the edges of their seats expecting that a man who got 12,000 signatures on one English Only petition can't rally 2,000 on another one? Does it really take a journalist to keep a tote of how many signatures Crafton has? Hell, if they never wrote a story on him, he would probably call them and sell them his progress anyway.

What a friend Crafton has in the City Paper. It's free publicity each time they write a story on English Only. Watch for the Southcomm hive mind to promote the filler anyway.

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