Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Double Standard

Over at the City Paper the professional association for developers is not a special interest group or a guild lobby, but "Nashville's development community." There's something benign, serene, almost sedative about that label.

Over at the City Paper neighborhood associations are not called "Nashville's neighborhoods community," but they are instead discredited with names like "goo goos" and are called "forces" that impose their wills on the rest of Nashville. There is something menacing, impractical, and unprogressive about those labels.

Maybe the pejorative and vicious double standard is due to the newspaper's "healthy readership" in Williamson County, but I think it is more the result of their unwillingness to acknowledge the true power and money of developers. They are in gesellschaft denial, and they must have something to lose should they risk alienating developers. Otherwise, they would be more accurate in their journalism.

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