Monday, September 22, 2008

Eric Crafton's English "Fists" of Fury

An English Only demonstration website recently appeared advertising an upcoming big event. It appears that there will be a fisting demonstration at Jimmy Kelly's the day after tomorrow:

That was the original wording on the website this morning before "Fist" was scrubbed from the site. But I thought, given the bullying, BOHICA tactics of CM Crafton and his ilk, English "Fist" was just about right, so it will be immortalized here. By the way, coffee and donuts (no word on whether they will be K-Y Jelly-filled) will be served.

The immigrant-haters have never been accused of having great timing, and once again their event comes on the heels of a shameful new report on the racist founder of the non-profit that provided almost all of the funds that drive Eric Crafton's local project. According to a SPLC report, John Tanton, founder of the Federation of Immigration Reform (FAIR)
corresponded frequently with leading white nationalist thinkers, race scientists and Holocaust deniers. He encouraged a major donor to read the work of a radical anti-Semitic professor to "give you a new understanding of the Jewish outlook on life." And he suggested that the board of FAIR, on which he sits, discuss the professor's theories on the Jews.
This is the character of people on whom Eric Crafton relies for support for Nashville's English Only. And he'll be using that support on Wednesday to whip up even more hatred.


  1. Someone apparently also pointed out to them how to spell "Wednesday." Unless that was intentional? Those damn Odin-lovin' Norse are going to wreck everything we love about America.

  2. Who keeps electing this tool? Seriously. He was just on my tee-vee and I am stunned that he thinks there is no role for the judiciary in government.

    Or that his pet project has to somehow comply with the law.

    He's a tool.