Monday, September 15, 2008

City Paper Scolds WilliamsonTNGOP Anti-Kurd Grind House; Fails to Attribute Story to Blogs

The Williamson County GOP's animosity toward ethnic communities had been advertised on the party website since July, but the City Paper is just now wading in with a so bold scolding, given it's "healthy readership" in Williamson County:
The real problem here is that Grindstaff appears to have painted some 8,000 Kurds very broadly as robbers and drug dealers, something that is simply inexcusable. The charge, which he has publicly stated was poorly worded, is wrapped in a criticism of the media. Grindstaff should pay more attention as this newspaper, which has a healthy readership in Williamson County, covered the Nejad trial closely.

Nashville Kurds are demanding a public apology from the Williamson County GOP, and they should get a sincere one. This kind of dismissive, insulting charge leveled at an entire immigrant community made up of hard working, honest people is inexcusable.
Gee. You really think so?

Take note: in the future the City Paper may want to avoid the utter hypocrisy of criticizing the Tennessean for failing to attribute one story in the same edition where editors fail to attribute the WilliamsonTNGOP story to bloggers.

UPDATE: The City Paper has interviewed Williamson County Republican Chair Doug Grindstaff in the past. And they couldn't predict that this guy might be magnetic for controversy or spoiling for a fight on culture issues with previous comments to the City Paper like this?
I guess some people don't know tar baby means sticky; it doesn't matter what color it is .... If tar was white, it would still be a tar baby. I don't understand why people don't get a life.
Grindstaff does not sound like the savviest diplomat in the world.

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