Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tennessean Story Even Errs on the Simplest Factual Data

In Monday's Tennessean piece on "suspicious person" calls in Salemtown/Germantown, Janell Ross says that 7th Avenue, North is "situated on the border of the gentrifying Salemtown and Germantown neighborhoods." 7th is not actually on the border of either neighborhood. 3rd Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard form the east and west borders of Salemtown and Germantown.

In and of itself this factual error would hardly be worth a response, but given that Janell Ross's other coverage of Salemtown has been deeply flawed in its failure to reflect accurately crime reportage and to grasp the demographics of our neighborhood, this error is just another example of her seeming failure to represent the subjects of her narrative. She is telling someone else's story, so it is only consistent that the perimeters would be off, too.

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