Thursday, September 18, 2008

See Anyone You Know on the List of English-Only Petition Signers?

Sean Braisted posts the list of Nashvillians who signed Eric Crafton's petition to try to put his failed English Only initiative on the November ballot. To paraphrase a line from Schindler's List: this list ain't life; this list is strife.

UPDATE: I've spotted Ben Cunningham's name. Now I see why he did not vigorously oppose Eric Crafton's spending binge to pursue a frivolous lawsuit to put the referendum on the ballot. It looks like micromanaging Metro and showing disdain for immigrants are more important than saving taxpayer money. I wonder whether we will find Ben's name on the list of people who are signing Eric Crafton's current petition that would force an expensive special election exclusively for English Only next winter at substantial cost to Nashville taxpayers. The emperor wears no clothes.

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