Thursday, September 04, 2008

Benefit of the Doubt for One Parent; Just Doubt for the Other

Compare and contrast a former Metro School Board Member's judgment of one politician parent vs. another:

Kay Brooks' response to Governor Sarah Palin, mother of 5 children (including a newborn), running for Vice President of the United States:
The women of the Brooks' household were so excited to see this strong woman, mom and wife [accepting the GOP nomination for VP]. I was so thankful my children got to see what was possible .... because she'd worked hard at serving her communities and that hard work was noticed.

Kay Brooks' response to Council Member David Briley, father of 1 child, during his past run for Mayor of Nashville:
Not good [that Briley had to miss the Council's English First vote to coordinate extended family care for his son, Sam]. It was about 8:00 when that vote was taken. I hope this was an unusual glitch and these folks work out the designated sitter issue. I feel for Sam. That's a long day for a small child. It's going to be a long campaign season too.
It seems to me that Kay Brooks shows nothing close to the degree of concern for the Palin children (especially little Trig) that she showed for Sam Briley (assuming her concern for Sam was authentic and not feigned in order to zing David Briley).

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