Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grind House: Williamson Co. GOP Scrubs Kurd-Hating Commentary off Their Website

Author of the GOP commentary that attributed blame for robberies and drug deals to 8,000 Kurds in Nashville and Director of the Williamson Co. GOP Doug Grindstaff has scrubbed his commentary from the party website as of this evening. I saw it up on their website as late as early this afternoon before a Tennessean story ran on the commentary and the critical Kurdish response that it drew.

Doug Grindstaff told the Tennessean that there was nothing wrong with writing that 8,000 Kurds are to be blamed for robberies and drug deals, but that his comments were going to be removed at the end of this week anyway because they were "old." It's a curiosity that Williamson Co. GOP weeks end on Thursdays.

Nonetheless, the Tennessee's premier red county may have washed it's "big tent" slate in real time, but the prejudice will live on here in the form of a self-indicting glimpse into a Republican caught candid and authentic:

It couldn't have been worse if he had shouted, "We hate Kurds! We hate Kurds!" And still no indication from the state GOP Chair Robin Smith on whether they support Chairman Grindstaff's cultural sentiments. They do have a lock on the culture war, after all.

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