Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kay Brooks Tests Our Gullibility

Because Kay Brooks read in the mainstream media that Republicans told them that a custodian showed up with bags of neatly rolled American flags and said that Democrats had intended them for the trash and because she saw a picture of trash bags with American flags we are supposed to believe that Democrats were throwing away Old Glory and they hate America.

Yes, I can tell by the color and size of the trash bags (in this untraceable picture) that they are definitely Democratic grade trash bags. And I can tell by the way they are wrapped around the flags (in a photo that anybody with some flags and trash bags can pose and snap) that the Democrats, with malice of forethought, destined flags for the trash bin. They hate us for our freedom.

What I cannot quite make out is whether those flags are actually made in China by slave labor in order to cover America's indebtedness to the Communist country. I also cannot tell whether this is a ploy staged to pump up Chinese novelty sales by publicizing their product and putting slave-wage-friendly Republicans back in the White House again. However, if they are Chinese-sponsored American flags, perhaps true patriots like Kay Brooks should be a little more circumspect before asking us to be so gullible as to believe that Democrats are trying to bring America down because of a picture of novelty items in trash bags that could have been taken by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

It's not like Republicans don't make up stuff to make Democrats look bad. Chances are good that this is either a photo unrelated to the Democrats or the Republicans are just pulling something else out of their collective ass to torpedo the opponent. Chances are even better that Kay Brooks is up to her usual demonizing of liberals. What better way to do that to insinuate that they don't honor their country? But this ain't Iwo Jima, and Democrats aren't Hirohito's hoards swarming in to capture the flag. If you want to believe what a Republican told the mainstream media and lay blame, then blame rampant consumerism that reduces noble flags to cheap mass produced consumer items designed for convenient disposal to make room for acquistion of the next profit-bearing novelty.

There's some video of clean up after the Republican convention. I can't quite make out whether they picked up any flags and threw them in the trash, but they are throwing away novelty red, white, and blue confetti, which sure as hell doesn't represent the Canadian flag or the Belarusian flag. Maybe if Republicans loved their country more they would either use non-red, white, and blue confetti or dispose of it honorably, while singing Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!, instead of ignobly throwing it into garbage bags. It's not like they are above doing other things that make me question their patriotism.

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  1. This has already been proven to be incorrect by someone who actually bothered to ask the Dems about it.