Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Will Reach Out to Anyone ... Anyone Who Doesn't Disagree with Him

John McCain just told his audience not to pay attention to any "static" or "ground noise" after being interrupted several times by Iraq War protesters during his speech.  The problem is that he had just told them that he was going to extend his hand to "any patriot" regardless of political persuasion.

Hence, he intends to extend his hand only to those who agree with him.  Those people are John McCain's idea of "patriots."

By the way, I've counted 3 protesters now.  How are these people getting by the generally tightly orchestrated GOP machine?

UPDATE: Josh Marshall's impressions of the heavy-handed mob response of GOP delegates to the protesters:
I loved the part with the ritual slaughter of the protester. That rocked. That was the best thing since the Lord of the Flies interlude between the Rudy and Palin speeches last night.

UPDATE: Ooops. Flubbed transition between "students" and "parents" in the education portion. Wonder if it was a teleprompter breakdown. If so, John McCain has a whole new profile in courage. Teleprompter problems are tests of character.

UPDATE:  Back to "wants to share credit" mode where he says he will work with Democrats and Independents.  Wonder if he'll work with those war protestors who got thrown off the floor and into some remote "free" speech zone if they weren't taken into custody several minutes ago.

UPDATE:  Oh, no, he didn't!  He did not just seriously encourage people to "teach, minister to people, feed the hungry, and defend the oppressed," did he?  He did not say those things after last night's attack on community organizers!  That's exactly what community organizers have done for over a century.  Has he no shame?

UPDATE:  At speech's end they're playing Heart's Barracuda, no doubt in tribute to Sarah Palin whose high school basketball nickname was "Sarah Barracuda."  However, the lyrics are not fortunate for Gov. Palin, given her current ethics problems in Alaska and flip flop on the "bridge to nowhere":
If the real thing don't do the trick
You better make up something quick

UPDATE: Christian Grantham has photos of the protesters who disrupted the necktie party and subsequently got mugged out of the hall. They were from Iraq Vets Against the War and Code Pink.  The vet's sign reads "McCain Voted Against Vets."

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